NEW ARTIST: Thesis Tutors Us on a New South African Sound

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A new duo tutors us on what the future of South African music sounds like

We’re calling this a new artist feature but I almost feel that we transgress the process in which this act currently finds itself in. But nevertheless in the interest of ticking boxes allow me to introduce you to Thesis.

Thesis is Ayanda Charlie and Ondela Simakuhle and what they have to offer as individuals is as precious as the most valuable stone but what they have to offer as a duo is dynamically poignant and radically relevant.

From the release of the initial “Sondela Kum” the ripple effect had already began as is the nature of music. But you may find yourself trying to box it and you will have as hard a time doing that as I have earlier in this piece. But the truth is that by the time you hear them it won’t matter. What matters is the premise of raw emotion they confront you with and how you respond to it.

I took some time out to attend a live performance – one of the duo’s first – and I remember feeling as inspired as I was when I first heard “Sondela Kum”. The night was filled with a warmth that reminded us again that music mattered.

While Thesis are currently in a very organic space, we find it exciting that there is already some music to dig into. We’ll continue to keep an eye on them and keep you up to date on developments.

Right now though, have read of a feature on the Thesis showcase night here.

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