Bucie Talks iRock Limpopo Festival

bucie irock limpopo music festival 2014 feedback musiq Bucie chats to DStv ahead of iRock Limpopo Music Festival

Following a successful performance on Channel O’s Stripped Down, Bucie has been inspired to bare more of herself in her performances through what she describes as being “naked” for her fans.

She’ll be taking on the iRock Limpopo Music Festival on 16 August. Speaking to festival sponsors, DStv, she emphasised the ‘i’ in ‘iRock’ noting that this performance would be all about her and consequently feature no collaborations.

With more and more artists buying into the idea of intimate shows that engage with their audiences on different levels, the future of live performance is set to be an interesting one. If you’re looking forward to Bucie’s performance at iRock Limpopo Music Festival, listen to what she had to say below.

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