PREMIERE: GoodLuck ft. Lisa Kekaula – “What Would We Be” | Audio

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GoodLuck debut #WhatWouldWeBe campaign single

It all began with a personal video message from Jules about a month ago. Before we knew it, even fellow artists like Jimmy Nevis had jumped onto the band wagon. Now the #WhatWouldWeBe campaign gains even more momentum with the release of the song that inspired it in the first place.

GoodLuck team up with vocalist Lisa Kekaula for the official “What Would We Be” single and in keeping in line with Jules’ call to the public, the song is a celebration of gratitude towards anyone who you may be grateful for. Music has powerful way of uniting us all but how much better is it when that very uniting force is used to show love to those who’ve made you who you are today?

“What Would We Be” is cut from the new GoodLuck album, Creatures of Night, which was recorded outside the Namibian desert. Download your copy now on iTunes and get into the new single “What Would We Be” below.

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