PREMIERE: “Down the Line” – Yesterday’s Pupil | Video

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Yesterday’s Pupil reveals the essence of being in new “Down the Line” video

Yesterday’s Pupil’s “Down the Line” is a jarring confrontation of the reality of the existential crisis that is our human condition. So when a director was need to shoot the video to the blunt record, this is why Louis Minnaar got the gig above anyone else:

“In this song I imagined the future as an actual place instead of a time and how things will be once we reach this destination down the line,” said Minaar, “I wanted the video to be as raw and human as possible. No hair, make up, styling or wardrobe. I miss the human element in music today and I believe people ultimately want contact instead of perfection.”

The strobe shots, angular postures, and interspersed microscopic shots of worms, confront you with as blunt a reality as the director set out in his imagination. It’s a comatose-inducing video that feels like the moment just before sleep, when you’re neither asleep nor awake. Because what is consciousness and reality anyway?

Nothing sums it better than the lyric, “we’ll know the questions when we get the answers”.

Be sure to download the CONTACT EP on iTunes. If you’re ready to handle it, and if you can handle strobing, prepare to be confronted with the plain reality in the form of the official “Down the Line” video by Yesterday’s Pupil.

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