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Sam Turpin drops his debut effort ‘Eternal Sentiment’ EP and it’s bound to make you take note

ETERNAL SENTIMENT (Promo Video) from Sam Turpin on Vimeo.

It’s been little over a year since Sam Turpin has been a part of our lives and in that time we’ve seen him grow from a young, aspiring rapper to a diamond in the rough of note. It all eventually accumulated into an EP he likes to call Eternal Sentiment.

Exactly a year after the release of one his initial singles, “Goopie Woldburg”, Turpin dropped his ethereal four-track EP. It was preceded by a teaser video on Vimeo that you could almost describe as a video summary of the album. Synths, hi hats and muted bass notes make up the rapper’s debut body of work. It’s nothing like what’s on the radio. Think hip hop pre-90s infused with an urban, neo-soul tinge. It’s the kind of hip hop that allows you to let it simmer. It’s the kind of hip hop that you can cruise to on a Sunday morning.

From our interview with Turpin back in September of last year, we already got the sense that here was a young creative who was almost frustrated with the status quo and wanted to create something of his own. But how many new artists are out to do the same today? We can tell you that he surely does this successfully on Eternal Sentiment but what that means is that there will be those who really get it and love it and those who simply don’t.

There’s definitely a feeling of understanding the power and purpose of an EP with Eternal Sentiment. We’ve already heard the lead track, “Cranes” but the rest of the album reveals new music that is equally quintessentially Turpin. But it almost asks you to wait for it, to allow it to simmer; in the same way that you would acquire the taste of a good lager or allow a vintage pinot noir to mature.

By the time you get to the SkyBlew featured “New Sunset”, you’d have made up your mind. It’s easily the best track on the album and it serves as the perfect final chapter to tie off the story.

All things considered, it’s a solid body of work that has us excited for the future of this young artist.

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