Watch: Euphonik’s “euNITE” | Episode 3


En route Spring Fiesta & H2O.

The country’s two biggest music weekends require no less than one of the biggest DJs in the land to rock the music hungry crowds. To that effect, promoters who more than accurate in finding a place for Euphonik on their set lists.

In this, the third episode of his online reality show, euNITE, Euphonik recollects his experiences at Spring Fiesta and H2O. While noting the difference in the general race of the crowds either festival pull in, he found little more difference. From world-class production, to energy surging crowds, people who really know how to party and Euphonik branded tuk-tuks, this year’s Spring Fiesta and H2O music festivals would create memories the iconic DJ would never forget.

Well, what do you think?