PREMIERE: Siya Shezi – “Is’deleli” | Video


Siya Shezi is ghetto and proud.

The track dropped late July of this year and has been gaining momentum since then. But if you thought the single was as good as it could get, wait ’til you see the video. Soweto-born rapper, Siya Shezi just dropped the visual to his latest single, “Is’deleli”. To give our non-Zulu-speaking fans some sort of context, the word has no English equivalent, however the best translation would perhaps be, ‘a disrespecter’. With this knowledge, everything from the video girl posing as a dandruff-ridden be-weaved Bonang, to her being showered with a bucket of water, to a pretty damn good Rick Ross look-alike, all begin to make sense. It’s as ghetto as it gets by Shezi’s estimation and he couldn’t care less or be more proud. In fact, he even gives his haters a line in the song: “Welele” (an interjection also with no English equivalent). Brace yourself – you have been warned.

The single is cut from the tentatively titled forthcoming album, Ghetto Stories. Why a title has yet to be decided on is beyond our research resources but we’ll be sure to bring you all things Siya Shezi and that new album as it happens.

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