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Turn your house into a home with Trevor Rebello’s ‘Slow Horses’.

It’s difficult to quantify talent. It is almost as though we do a disservice to the artistry of artists by providing feedback on it; artists who painstakingly put their lives into their work to create works of art that they can only hope will be appreciated.

Introducing, Trevor Rebello. An artist of his calibre is unheard of for a new artist. With a sound as vivacious as Mumford & Sons’ and a voice as charismatic as Robbie Williams’, there’s a new sound emerging out of the Johannesburg-native. The complexity of his questions of intimacy and heartbreak are simplified in the most sonically sophisticated manner. The orchestral sound is one that has been neglected in modern music for the quick solution of Pro Tools and similar studio trickery. Rebello’s sound is something of a coming of age; a welcoming home. It’s the rusks and coffee your mother surprises you with on a winter morning. It’s why you fell in love with music in the first place.

If you’ve ever lost the one you loved, you’ll wish that this was a full-length album with a “happy ending” denouement. In seven tracks, Rebello loses the battle to his own insecurities and fears and ends up losing his love to her new love for whom she walks down the aisle. He talks about her wearing a white dress as a sin before pulling on every broken heartstring you have – because at this point it’s all you’ll have – in the EP’s final track, “Oh My Soul”.

Slow Horses is the work of a new artist with an old soul that promises to take you back to a time when the music was all that mattered. The reality is that sometimes in life there are no happy endings and its Rebello’s explicit honesty that in fact romanticises these real life situations that would otherwise be, by another artist, wrought with sentimentality.

Slow Horses is available for download now on BandCamp.

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