NEW: Locnville | The Making of “Faster, Longer” Mixtape


The dynamic DJing duo (okay, so they also rap. But don’t mess with my alliteration), Locnville are about to unleash their new album to a good music store near you. Before they do, they wanted to give us a peek into the making of the record. Literally.

The video that dropped on YouTube moments ago showcases the actual production process of a CD, its casing, CD sleeve, album art and tracklisting. An interesting journey that the Cape Town twins take us on. An even more interesting fact is that they sign two copies before they packed and shipped off to stores. So if you’re a LCNVL stan, you better hope to your lucky stars you get your hands on one of them.

While you figure out how you’re going to conjure up the gods to direct the discs to your local music store, check out the video right here:

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